Welcome to the POCIS-NE Job Board

Welcome to the POCIS-NE Job Board. The purpose of this job board is to provide a space for POCIS-NE members to share career opportunities with each other. Please note:

  • This job board is *public, *confidential postings should not be shared with the POCIS-NE job board
  • The POCIS-NE team does not edit posts before they are published to the web
  • Postings are published immediately as they are sent to pocisnejobs@gmail.com
  • Job Postings should include the title, school name, and contact posting
  • Please limit job postings to 250 words max
  • At this time, we can not accept attachments as job postings. 

If you wish to edit a post that you have previously posted, please e-mail a member of the POCIS-NE leadership team.

-The POCIS-NE Co-Chairs